Small SUV Comparison

As the cost for gas is spiralling high with each passing day, people are more on the lookout for an automobile that has enough legroom and performance that helps to utilize the fuel quantity properly and this is why, doing a small SUV comparison is a wise choice.

Top in the Small SUV Comparison: Honda C-RV

Even though, many 4 cylinder SUVs have come near about acquiring this position, it is the Honda CR-V that clinches the title of being at the prime spot, in the small SUV comparison done, as per the preference of critics and amateur drivers.

Honda CR-V top the Small SUV comparison list
Creative Commons License photo credit: Fabio Aro

With the charge for this class of SUV varying between $21,545 to $ 27,740, this makes the Honda within the reach of almost everyone but what is most special about this SUV is that if the costs involved in its purchase of fuel and long-lasting existence are considered even then the CR-v will still be within one’s budget in the long run.

At first glance, it may seem that there is much similarity to exist between the CR-V and its competitors but if the small SUV comparison takes place then it is discovered that many dissimilarities actually exist. There is a large space all devoted to storage of objects, the seats at the back are all spacious and comfy and impressive gas mileage that gives its competitors a run for their money.

4 Cylinder SUV: best fuel economy suv

Many drivers have made claims that the CR-V, a class of 4 cylinder SUVs, has improved gas mileage than few of some other classes of Honda like the Accord and Civic. The owners of CR-V are just all drooling over the fact that the CR-V has so many things good about it like placing a seat for the baby at the back seat and the cargo space being huge enough to accommodate luggage too. Besides this, there is a fascinating cabin for people, impressive handling potential and the trustworthy dependability on it. But what makes it the best is its very lofty worth when sold as expressed by a small SUV comparison carried out.

Honda CRV: best fuel economy suv a 4 cylinder suv
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The authority of Motor trend have said that the Honda CR-V has a regal touch to it and this is so because the vehicle is of utmost quality, it has its interior designed with fantastic ingredients and the intricate details all done with care like the seat reserved for the driver which is so much soothing that the driver feels like as if he is being hugged and all this makes the CR-V seat at a top spot in the small SUV comparison done. It has an improved horsepower and easy mechanism of steering and stretched framework. The Honda CR-V also drives at a rate of 24 miles per gallon in within the city and highway too.

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