Fuel Efficient SUVs: SUVs with good Gas Mileage

Even today, when people go to buy cars, they put usefulness and operational characteristics at the top of their preference list but now a quarter of people are also opting for a car with fuel efficiency as well. To fulfil these demands, car producers have went and brought ahead the finest collection of athletic looking 4 cylinder SUVs. Below is the list of some of the most fuel efficient SUVs till date.


The Fuel Efficient SUV of Honda

The fame has Honda has achieved is due to its products being dependable and unique vehicles. Honda has given identity to two diminutive and highly operational SUVS with four cylinders. The first of Honda’s fuel efficient SUV is CR-V and it comes with several levels of trim and comes with speedy handling ensuring a relaxing ride. The other model for Honda is the Element, a fuel efficient SUV. It was previously said that its design was too fundamental but it is not a question that the vehicle has been widely accepted for its performance. It has a boxy shape and ample of space for storage of objects. Its engine gives a horsepower of 166 units and has a carrying capacity of 2.4 litres of petrol.

Honda CRV: fuel efficient suv
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Nissan: Fuel Efficient SUV

Nissan has been an integral part of the car industry for quite a long time now and its newest creation is called the Nissan Rogue (Nissan Qashquai). It has been four years now that the Rogue is in production and it is the sibling of the shiny Murano, another fuel efficient SUV. Each and every model of Rogue has 4 cylinder engines that can carry petrol up to 2.5 litres and generate about 170 units of horsepower. The vehicle is famous for its security facilities like the curtain air-bags for the sideways, controls for grip hold and brakes of anti-lock mechanism.

Best Fuel Efficient SUV Vehicle of all 4 cylinder suvs
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Kia and Jeep SUVs with good Gas Mileage

Rouge is followed by the Kia Sportage. Its outlook is just fascinating while it also ensures the most relaxing ride ever. It is a 4 cylinder SUV with 2.4 base engines and it is also found with a 2.0 turbo engine as well. As a result, the horsepower is boosted up to 80 units from 176 hp, although, it has less space for storing cargo.

4 cylinder suv jeep patriot
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The Jeep class has two fuel efficient SUVs joined in- the Patriot and Compass. Both have 4 cylinder engines but the compass is relatively cheaper yet compared to other Jeep prices. Both the m odels are built over same framework and their engines fuel carrying capacity is also same at 2.4 litres. Jeeps have always been known as rocky vehicles with high for reliability and good performance. The price range of Compass is same as the Kia and Tuscon. Thus, there is a wide variety of both cheap and efficient fuel efficient SUVs present.

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