Best 4 Cylinder SUV List

Overview of SUVs with Small Four Cylinder Engines

Besides looking for usefulness and performance, today purchasers are not only satisfied with these when they go to buy cars; they are also more conscious now about the utilization of fuel optimally. To fulfill these demands of buyers, the manufacturers have tried to widen the horizon and bring in good options of 4 cylinder SUVs in the market. Below is a best 4 cylinder SUV list.

Honda C-RV tops the Best 4 Cylinder SUV List

Honda is a car that is acknowledged for its trustworthiness and inventive products. The Honda brands two cars that come with 4 cylinder engines. Both the vehicles are diminutive and operate perfectly as per need. With the CR-V, the car comes numerous levels of trim and promises a comfy ride and fast managing.

Honda CRV tops the best 4 cylinder suv list
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The Element is that other 4 cylinder SUV, under the tag of Honda. Previously, its design was considered to be rather peculiar but now, the Element has efficiently established itself as people’s choices for cars. It has a rather shape of a box which sounds appealing to the purchasers along with its roomy space for objects to haul and 2.4 liter carrying 16- Valve DOHC engine with four cylinders that in totality provides a horsepower of 166 units.

Me and My Car
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Four Cylinder Engine SUV of Nissan

Nissan has been in the market for four cylinder SUVs for quite a time now and its latest model comes as the Nissan Rouge. For four years, the Rouge has been being manufactured now and its sibling is the polished Nissan Murano. The class of Rouge comes with a 4 cylinder engine with capacity of 2.5 litres and churning out 170 units of horsepower. The Rogue’s fashion is awesome and has facilities like side air-bags, controls to give grip and the brakes with anti-lock.

4 cylinder suv Hyundai Tucson: best SUV for the money
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Hyundai Tucson: best SUV for the money?

The charge for a Hyundai Tucson is just above $ 18,000 and yet it still comes with features like grand looking interior and advanced handling, in short the Tucson has got a smarter value in its class of few cylinder SUVs. It has the feel of a sports vehicle owing to the helped power steering and tuned suspension that it has. The car has enough room for storage and is termed as a great buy for people.


2010 kia cee'd crdi interior
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Kia Sportage: the best 4 Cylinder Engine SUV for the eye

The Tucson is followed by the Kia Sportage. With price ranges as same as the Tucson, the Kia ensures a smooth drive in a great looking vehicle. This class of 4-cylinder SUVs comes with a 2.4 model of engine but the engine is also found to be existing in the 2.0 turbo 4 model. The turbo boosts up the horsepower by 80 units from 176 to 256 units. As same as the Hyundai, there is a death for space for objects to be carried around with or stored otherwise in a journey.

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